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About Us

Kalechi "Kal" Noel is the CEO / Founder of Luxor Wedding Films. He graduated from Baruch College with a BA in business, and studied film at the New York Film Academy. He later received his Masters of Fine Arts in Directing and Story Telling from City College. Kalechi's formal training in filmmaking has allowed him to direct many award winning films, music videos and commercials. After meeting his wife , Linda, an award winning wedding Photographer (@lindaMcqueenPhotography), Kalechi was introduced to the wedding business. With the emergence of cinematic styled wedding videos, Kalechi's unique background allowed for truly "Hollywood Styled" wedding films. Through musical scores,  slow-motion, camera angles and lighting techniques, Luxor Wedding Films employs the use of creative, cinematic Hollywood styled elements to create a truly immersive  wedding film. Luxor Wedding Films is ready to tell your story. 

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